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Last month, the New York Times published a gutting article titled, Three American Mothers, On the Brink. The piece, written by Jessica Bennett with photos by Brenda Ann Kenneally, documented three families (all of which were opposite-sex married couples with children), in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, deeply struggling to balance work, school, childcare, household duties and everything else. The article described a typical day for each of the mothers, and, surprising to no one, they were the ones to take on the lion’s share of, well, everything. Their husbands, meanwhile, worked largely uninterrupted, as their wives, sometimes only…

In thinking about the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s genius and legacy, I keep thinking about her husband, Marty.

I don’t particularly want to be thinking about Marty (as wonderful as he seemed to be), because I want to think about RBG as her own autonomous being, a beacon of light who brought women closer to equal footing of the average American man. But when we look back at Justice Ginsburg’s enormous impact on society, we can’t pretend that, had her husband not been who he was, RBG would have been able to thrive in the way she did. So that’s…

Mikaela Conley

Journalist. Writer. Editor.

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